Flat wire spirals:

We produce flat wire spirals to your individual specifications and wishes.

Wire cross section Square, rectangular
Spring diameter up to 8.00 mm
Length up to approx. 6 m
Band thickness 0.08 to 0.3 mm
Band width up to 2.0 mm
Spring bodies 
cylindrical, pitch, special shapes
Stainless steel
PTFE coatings
Unalloyed spring steel wire
Special materials
Typical applications 
Guide wires for minimally invasive surgery
Bend protection, e.g. for fibre-optic cables
Springs and spring systems for medical applications
Biopsy tongs
Foreign body tongs
Spiral springs for trachial tubes
Contact parts for cardiac pacemakers and hearing aids
Spiral springs for the sectors of bronchoscopy, urology, arthroscopy, ENT and gastro-enterologyogie
Springs for inhalers
Springs for insulin pens, syringes
Springs for appliances used in veterinary medicine
Surface treatment 
ground without tips
buffed without tips
Medical technology
Watchmaking industry
Electrical engineering
Model building
Consumer goods

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