A high quality standard is essential in the manufacture of high-quality miniature precision springs for medical technology, the electrical and the jewelry industry. Here, we are uncompromising in all areas of our company – from the skills training level of our employees to the quality of our range of products and services to the tested status of technical implementation.

Clearly structured and planned processes throughout the company form the basic groundwork for this.
Our QM system is characterised by a compact, needs-based and process-oriented structure. We test, measure and monitor our products from the arrival of materials through to production and the shipping of our finished products.

Quality assurance

Quality that we can prove:

Our quality assurance enables our customers to depend completely on our quality being right. We do not entertain any compromises, neither in the selection of our suppliers nor in the testing and inspection of products.

The outcome:

The maximum possible product quality with all products, such as spring systems, flat wire spirals, tension springs, compression springs and micro-springs. Our claim is to meet the expectations of our customers because at the end of the day it is they who decide how good our products actually are.

Confidence is good. Checking is better.

At any time, we can reliably determine the quality of our processes and products. Through the continuous recording of production data, we are not only able to verify our product quality to our customers but also and at the same time we lay the groundwork for continuous product improvement.
Quality can be measured and controlled: Through planned measurements, monitoring and analyses of process results, we can improve continuously. This enables us to ensure that our products are also able in future to meet the requirements of our customers.


Certified quality:M-Zert

Ever since 2007, we get our quality standards certified on an annual basis in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. This process involves neutral auditors applying close scrutiny to our quality management system and also examining personnel, business premises, manufacturing processes and systems in accordance with stringent requirements.

Certification underscores our high aspirations and assures process reliability in all production sequences.

Regular scheduled as well as unannounced monitoring both help us to further develop our quality system on an ongoing basis.

Our certificate is available to you as a download.

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